Love the Mom You Are

While at the park today, I watched the variety of moms with their kids. The super in shape mom that you would never believe has four kids, the rocker mom with purple hair and a son with a Mohawk, the trendy mom that wears only clothing from overpriced boutiques and the mom wearing what looks like pajamas, were all watching or playing with their kids. I found myself almost judging them on their appearances and imagining how they parent their kids. Then I realized, what gives me the right to judge other?

I am not a perfect mom. My house is not pristine, the kids’ clothes are not perfectly folded and on more than one occasion I have yelled at my kids while driving down the highway. I have no right to judge or compare myself to another mother. Some mothers have it more figured out than others but at the end of the day the only thing that is important is that your kids know you love them and that you love the mom you are. There is no predetermined mold that creates the perfect mother figure. Every child is different and every situation is too.

With the accessibility to social media, no one really knows what another mom really goes through or what really goes on behind the curtain because we only show what we want to. Sure we post the super awesome meal we just made but not the tantrum we just threw at our kids for drawing on the couch with a sharpie. We don’t know about the hard times of another mom, just the moments we went through. I remember holding my daughter as an infant and calling my mom crying because she wouldn’t stop crying and I was at my wit’s end. I remember bathing my son after he stood up and peed on us while I am still wearing my pee soaked shirt. Being a mom is rewarding but not glamorous by any means.

Your kids are only a baby for a year, toddler for 3 and a kid for 13 so enjoy them while you can. Soon they will be busy with their own friends, sports or “too old” to cuddle with you when you reminisce about their first steps  and how anything could be so tiny and fragile. My son is 5 and he is a lovebug, always showing me affection but he already needs so little from me. It won’t be long before he’s in middle school, high school and then out of the house all together. I make it a point to go to the park, have dart gun wars and bake together so that we will have these memories together.

Even the most perfect-looking moms have their rough days or imperfect moments but what mom doesn’t? Stop looking at what you aren’t getting done and look at the memories you are creating with your kids! When they grow up and go to college, they will not remember their clothes being perfectly folded, being fed non-organic apples or how your outfits never coordinated. They will remember what you baked together, going to the lake and how you were always there to love them no matter what. Your kids love the mother you are, why don’t you?


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