Yarn Groups On Facebook and Ravelry

So, last summer I did really good on talking about my Sock Yarn Blanket and other knitting I was working on. But I have been so busy with full time college classes, and one of my children being very sick. That I just haven’t had theblanket1 time to devote to my blog as I thought I would. But anyhow-

So I did get to work on it a few times here and there over the winter. As you can see I work on it in the car a most of the time while I am waiting for pick ups.

I am still using a ZoeKnitGirls Version. But I changed to one of her other ones. You can read, about which one I started out with.

I am always looking for mini skeins of sock yarn and have been lucking to find a great group on Facebook to join. Yarnies Love & Co Op.  I have been RAOK some and have traded with the gals of the group too.


I have been able to make some great friend ships form this group as well. I have met a gal who is doing post casts. But you will have to come back for more information on her. I will also share her podcast here. I’m also hoping she will come and work with me, here at Life With 3 Boys & 1 Girl.  But we shall see.

I’m hoping to add a few more squares over the next few months, and re take a photo of how big my blanket is.

What Facebook Groups are you a part of? How about what Ravelry groups are you in love with?


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