Summer Anniversaries

With summer almost upon us, it means so much to so many. It is a time of change being in the air. I start to think of
all the Graduate that graduate High School and College to start a new life for themselves. I also start thinking about all the people that will wed.

With summer being know as “Wedding Season” I really start thinking of all the people who are going to get married and all those who have been married. This is a great time for so many. Some may wonder what they are going to purchased their loved one. You know the “Grooms Gift” or even the “Brides Gift” or how about just a plane old Anniversary gift?

Let me tell you about a timeless time piece…. a Jord Watch. Let me tell you how a special these wood watches are as an AMAZING Anniversary Gift. First a watch is something that can always be used. Plus the Jord Watch can help make any casual date with your spouse a little more dressed up.

Not to mention that a watch can last a lifetime. Especially if they are well taken care of. Who wouldn’t want to take care of this hand crafted watch? It will bring about so many complements and glances that you will treasure it and it could be come a family heirloom. Yes, a simple watch can become a family heirloom.

I truly believe that Jord Watches can become a family heirloom. They are beautiful, hand crafted, well thought out, and it is something you can use for years to come.



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