Attack of the Socks #2

I am looking forward to the next Attack of the Socks #2 hosted by Yarnies Love & Co Op.  I then realized I never shared about the first Attack of the Socks they hosted. It was so much fun. Here are some of the photos
from choosing, winding the yarn, and working on it.

I had a blast trying to knit fast to mail it out before someone mailed me a pair of sock that would have killed me. 

Ha– As funny as that sounds.

SO the idea of the games/ swap is to pick one of the two patterns that was pre chosen for the game. You socks1then got a target. The person whom you would knit the socks for. You then knitted them as fast as you could, so that you could mail them before the person finished the ones being made for you. We had so much fun, because the game took on a life of its own.

The pattern I choose was- Fish Scale or Fairy Tales which you can do toe up or cuff down. Which I plan on using this or  Scattered By Socks pattern with scrappy yarn.

Fish Scale or Fairy Tales was a very easy pattern to remember as you knitted. You could put it down and know where you left off. I recommend you to try and make this pattern too, and if you do I hope you link it back to us or post your photos here.

Here are some of the socks that where made.

Laurie Johnson's photo.  Laurie Johnson's photo.

Michelle Johns's photo.  Bree McKee-Miller's photo. Ann Fisher's photo.


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