Something Borrowed Book Review

Something Borrowed: Book 2 in Lone Star March Series by Megan Ryder


4.5 Stars Adorable Couple, Romantic and Real-life Problems


Brigid is a lawyer with her heart set on reaching goals to appease her goal-driven parents and compete with her successful siblings. She desires to let nothing interfere with her becoming partner until her long time “friend with benefits”, Grady, desires more from their relationship. Brigid fears he will not approve of her long hours and ultimately resent her for ruining his “white picket fence” dream and leave. Brigid’s friend decides to play match maker for her bridesmaids in the week leading up to her wedding and encourage the two to be together.

Grady is an ambitious contractor that is the future brother-in-law to the bride. He desires more from the relationship between him and Brigid and believes they can make it work. With help from the bride and her bridal party games, Grady is able to show Brigid that there is more to life than work. Will she choose the promotion she’s been working tirelessly for? Or will she choose to live her life with Grady and his “white picket fence”?


I am just in love with this adorable love story! It is based in Texas so it makes it that much better for me. Grady and Brigid are just absolutely perfect for one another and the entire novel has you rooting for them to be together forever. They have been friends with benefits since college and have excelled doing so. The tides change when Grady wants a real relationship from the apprehensive Brigid. She believes that they shouldn’t complicate their physical relationship and ultimately break both their hearts. As Grady teaches her how to have fun and enjoy life he breaks down the walls around her heart as he teaches her to face her fears and take a chance on him.

Grady is a great Texas catch that has his own company that he saves after his father gets sick. He is a great balance to Brigid’s tendency to work her life away. He is driven and works hard but he “works to live not live to work”; the sails to her ship that will keep her from rotting away behind a desk and regretting not living her life. I will definitely read the rest of the books in the series and recommend you to do the same!


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