Piercing the Veil Book by Nicole L. Taylor

Piercing the Veil By Nicole l. Taylor

Book 1 of The Crusaders Series
4 out of 5 stars

30657609Piercing the Veil
is a fantasy, romance novel based in modern day America that leaves you wondering what will happen next. After overcoming consequences of her parents’ death, attempted rape and graduating college at 18, Alexa wishes for changes in her life and herself. Changes quickly start to occur in her life when supernatural things start to happen, along with the arrival of her grandmother’s old friend and his grandson, Roman, Alexa finds herself changing as she witnesses things she only thought possible in her wildest dreams. With Roman’s help, will she be able to protect her family and herself from the dangers and deceit that lay just beneath the veil?

I gave this novel 4 out of 5 stars because I enjoyed the storyline and characters but I wouldn’t buy a hard copy to keep in my library to read again and again. I did enjoy the character, Alexa. After surviving a rape attempt and her parents dieing in a fire, Alexa graduates college at 18 and volunteers at a local shelter. She posses a deep sense of duty and compassion towards others, regardless what the town thinks of her. The supporting characters are original and show love and support towards Alexa, even through the dangers and changes Alexa encounters. The budding romantic scenes and cursing throughout the novel are kept PG-13 which is appropriate for the young adult audience. There author’s way of writing really encompasses how an 18 year old girl would talk, this makes Alexa’s story more personal and allows the reader to feel closer to the story at each and every turn.

Throughout the novel there seems a constant state of suspense or at least the feeling of wondering what will happen next. For this reason, the novel is easy to read quickly. Unfortunately, this being the first book of a series, Piercing the Veil does Not come to a conclusion as much as I was hoping but more of a beginning of a new location in the story. As a result, you are really left wanting more and the other books in the series have not been released yet. All in all, I look forward to reading the other books in this series but I would enjoy them more if I was still a teenager myself.

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