Falling for the Hometown Girl

Falling for the Hometown Girl

Marshall Ranch, Book 2

by Shelli Stevens

4 out of 5 stars


Where are my sweet, romance lovers??? This novel is just for you then! Falling for the Hometown Girl by Shelli Stevens is just as the title suggests, the small town boy from the wrong side of the tracks falling for the hometown girl. I gave it 4 out of 5 stars because I enjoyed reading it and will want to read the other two books in the series but I wouldn’t day it’s the best thing I’ve ever read.


Katie, all-American girl-next-door, aids her brother is running the family ranch in a small town in Montana and rents out cabins for vacations and bachelor parties. She loves the ranch and plays everything safe, including her romances. That is, however; until a handsome game designer from Seattle comes to town for a friend’s bachelor party. Hunter moved to Seattle to design games and escape the small town in Montana as well as the people it held. All that changes when he meets his high school crush, Katie, for the first time since he graduated. He is only at the ranch for a week but as they grow closer, Hunter finds himself reconciling with the family and town he left behind. Could he grow to love his old hometown or will he stay in Seattle?


This is a good little romance that anyone would enjoy (if they like romances that is). Though this is the second story in the series you aren’t left out of anything and all blanks are filled in. The way the story is written really draws you into what will happen next, up until the very end. It’s not too suspenseful but it is not the cookie cutter romance of boy meets girl, happily ever after, The End. I did knock off a star for some of the things that Hunter says; I imagine it was supposed to relay his deep desire and passion for Katie but you really couldn’t believe that anyone would say that in real life. However; I can overlook that because everything else seems realistic. Hunter is a misunderstood youth from the bad side of town that has a crush on the all-American girl. It’s a cute plot but has the real-life problems like past baggage, being once bit and twice shy and big brothers being protective of their little sister. I would give this book to a friend if they wanted something to read but I wouldn’t buy it to read it again. I do want to read the others in the series though and look forward to what happens next.

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